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Not all of the programmes on my watch-list are finished with their seasons, but I'll start with those that are.

The Good Wife

This series has been going nowhere for the last 2 seasons. Alicia was isolated, first due to that ridiculous race for State's Attorney, and this season her personal life was only about how much screwing-time she and Jason get - and of course, screwing over everyone just to get Peter off a charge he might even deserve. And I'm not even sure why she goes to such lengths for him anymore. Does she owe anything to Peter? She ultimately lost the State's Attorney's election due to him, after all. What does she want? Where does she come from, especially those last 2 seasons? It's a real problem for a show if the lead character, the one we all should empathize with, acts like a bitch, without a real reason to. And even though Diane's no beacon of virtue, I loved seeing her slap Alicia. Finally, someone's taking her to task.

Speaking of Peter: Why did he take over the show in this last season, again? Did anyone really think he'd make a good president, with his history (and the alledged election fraud by Alicia)? And then the case against him... which was more about having people from earlier seasons reappear (even Cary), I think. In the end it was his season, more than Alicia's.

And the firm? The politics there just got stale.

I liked to see Will back in the final episode, to see Jason contrasted with him (even if it's just Alicia's head!Will) shows all of Jason's flaws. He's outclassed left and right - and granted, I can't stand Jeffrey Dean Morgan, he's just too slimy.

It's a testament to the original quality of this show that even though the last 2 seasons were lacking in absolutely every way, I'll still miss it. And I'll miss Luca, the only real redeeming thing the show has come up with in this last season, I guess.

Madam Secretary

I still enjoy this show, especially the State Department stuff. But Henry being the master spy, handyman for getting rid of terrorists (despite the fact that we don't have confirmation that that terrorist is really dead), handling "assets"... that was a bit much. And it created conflicts that weren't necessary. I still say it's Elizabeth who needs more fleshing out, not Henry.


I think the thing I've been missing in the back half of season 5 with Mike's trial is the fact that no one is willing to accept that hiring Mike, or him acting as lawyer, was wrong. Instead, they focus on Mike doing good outweighing his lack of qualification - and the firm losing clients at every turn. But how about just manning up to mistakes? They blame everyone else, try to get rid of inadvertant witnesses in more or less despicable ways... but this time they were in the wrong. And it's right that there should be consequences, even if only Mike shouldering them seems the coward's way out for the firm. Of course, he has to face up to his mistakes, but he isn't the only guilty party here. Harvey and Jessica, even Donna, Rachel and Louis deserve punishment. I'm curious to see where this is going next.


I'm inclined to say that Sherlock's relapse at the end of last season was only a ploy to get his father, Morland Holmes, into the show. And it worked, as his appearances and confrontations with Sherlock and Joan respectively were the most interesting moments of this season. And that last twist with him taking over Moriarty's network was just genius. Does anyone really believe he's taking over just to dismantle it from within? There were glimpses into his dark character, the way he manipulated the interpol-agent, the confrontation with Sherlock over his mother... which overshadow the lighter motives and apparent factual collaboration of father and son from the later episodes. I'm really looking forward to seeing this develop further. Overall a solid season, even if perhaps not with the highlight like the Kitty-arc's climax of last year, but otherwise very pleasurable.

Criminal Minds

This has been perhaps the biggest let-down this season. Yes, I'm talking about the way Morgan was written out of the show. First of all, that arc made absolutely no sense. Then there was so much whining and tears as though Morgan actually died instead of just being a phonecall away - he still lives in the same city, so why "grieving" him in any way? There was no grief when Prentiss left, and she moved to another continent. So those episodes, and those "sad moments of loss" afterwards (why, I ask you again), were just terrible, making me want to crawl through my cable line and slap TPTB silly. It felt as though they had two possible endings: one where Morgan dies, and the other one where he didn't. They went with the latter, but sort of didn't inform anyone else and showed the grieving process already written for option 1. Which just doesn't work at all.

Otherwise, there were glimpses of former brilliance (i.e. Reid), like the episode in that restaurant where that underground network is finally dismantled, or some episodes that actually focused on the profiling part. Tara is okay, I just wonder why she's not in the credits, given that she was in most episodes of the season. I could have done without Rossi's private life stories - why is so much focus given to him instead of Hotch who's not had much of a private life since season 8 or so. And the cliffhanger, being that 12 serial killers are on the loose - well, I'm all for confrontations with old cases, especially if they might finally focus on Hotch (Mr Scratch). So, I'll keep watching, but if there's another case of a poorly written actor's exit then I'm out. (But I wouldn't be averse to seeing Prentiss more often.)

And one time playing catch-up:

The Americans

So far I've seen season 1 - really good drama, spies, distrust, betrayal, interspersed with personal stories, possible love and devotion, even a good bit of fanatism. I think Elizabeth is right in her analysis: there is no black and white, just shades of gray. There's no good person here, everyone does despicable acts. I'm curious to see where this is going. There's a lot of potential here: be it the family issues with Paige starting to investigate, be it the political/spying games, be it the distrust towards the handler (who came through for them in the end), be it the diverse love affairs and informants.

The rest of the shows I'm currently following should sign off for this season within the next week or 2, so I'll get into those then.


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