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I think I still watch this show out of habit because there hasn't been really a special episode for years now. And Tony's gone now, too. At least they refrained from turning that character-exit into the tear-fest of Morgan's in Criminal Minds - although it would have been more warranted here since Dinozzo is actually leaving town, and not just a phone call away from meeting in our favourite diner. But at least he got a family (which was an interesting arc this season with Senior as well) and the next best thing to a reunion with Ziva which I always thought was possible in the future due to the mood of their goodbye - Ziva is gone for good, and I'm glad they didn't bring her back physically for this final episode, but the daughter was a nice touch, even if a bit cruel that she didn't tell Dinozzo about her.

It was obvious that the writers didn't know what to do with Dinozzo anymore, haven't for years, acutally. So I'm not sure what impact his departure will have. I have to admit, though, that I continued watching because of him (and Gibbs). So I'll have to be convinced to tune in again. I'm curious to see who'll replace him. That FBI-woman? Or that MI6-guy? Spare me!

What bothers me most is this revenge/eye for an eye-mentality that is the focus of this show. It's not about justice, let's not kid ourselves. But that has been my biggest issue with this show for years anyway.


This show gets ever more ridiculous by the week. And somehow I still keep watching. What does that say about me? *gulp

Now, Olivia is a real murderer, fine. She's fulfilling all her father's plans, also fine. And she's of course railing against it. What I don't understand: Why don't they just take out Rowan? There's possibility enough, after all, Jake's alone with him, Olivia's alone with him. Granted, Rowan controls a network, but is there anybody who could take up the reins when he's gone, anybody well positioned enough to do so (apart from Jake)? Of course, he's the head of a hydra, but due to all the emotional attachment it's so difficult to get rid of him. When that attachment to the "hydra" is gone, it's possible to root out the beast much more ruthlessly.

And Cyrus, the other monster of this show. It's one thing to place Melly on the ticket of president, but Cyrus as vice-president? Does he already work on getting rid of Vargas when he's elected, so that he can ascent the throne finally?

It's really some kind of "watch while a train wreck is happening"-state of mind while watching this show. I can't just look the other way. At least, they've sort of dispensed with the Olivia/Fitz-angle for now, but I guess we'll revisit that one when he leaves office. And Abby? One of the few moral people suffers from illusions of grandeur since she's become Chief of Staff, but at least there are some hurdles she won't cross - so far at least.


Sort of Homeland, 24 and 90210 all in one, mixed with How to get away with murder. Again, noone to sympathize with, the protagonist has no real acting skills, just looks good and excels at shoving her boobs into the camera, and the others get too much screen time with their petty little infights and none showing off their skills.

Season 1 is pretty self-contained, even if the motivation of the perpetrator remains a bit murky, to say the least. I'll keep watching, because it's despite its huge flaws still entertaining, and not too predictable.

The Family

Short lived because it was cancelled - even with a more or less minor cliffhanger (which was obvious, honestly, since we never saw Adam's body) left hanging, but the drama surrounding a missing child showing up again was quite well done. I'd have enjoyed seeing more, having the characters be fleshed out more - f.e. Willa's motivations. She came across as ambitious, overzealous, trying to hold everything together, but underlying there's a massive psychological issue that can't really be explained away by her losing her brother. And the father/husband (Lestrade!) got little to no screentime besides screwing around with the police detective.

I think the most sympathetic character in the end was the mother/mayor/governor-elect in the end. I could relate to her pain, to her decisions even, and that's saying something since she was only shown as an ambitious politician willing to use everything to win in the beginning.
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