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Grey's Anatomy

Somehow, nothing much happens here anymore. I think Meredith's story is done, if she hooks up with Riggs doesn't really matter to me. Meggie doesn't work for me, her handling her relationship with DeLuca was just ridiculous. I like Amelia, but this will they/won't they with Owen and her alcoholism are starting to annoy me. Actually I liked the addition of Penny and the friction she brought, although that went away much too soon. And now she's gone again, hopefully taking Callie with her. Although I'd prefer Arizona to leave, honestly. And Jo and Alex? Predictable that she's already married. Also interesting that her ex-boyfriend was violent towards her as well, as far as I can remember... and Alex himself isn't the most non-violent person, either, especially taking his reaction to DeLuca into account. I'm curious where this will go. April and Jackson... I absolutely hated Katherine's interference, faking the concerned mother-in-law and then urging Jackson to sue. I hope they're going to somehow work out their differences.

Grey's Anatomy still is a kind of feel-good television, capable of raising emotions, that's what I like about it. So I'll keep watching.

The Blacklist

I enjoyed this season, more than the last one. I absolutely enjoyed watching Spader in the later episodes of the season when everyone thought Liz was dead. He has charisma, and he absolutely conveyed those feelings of grief, quiet anger, and loss. Kudos to him.

Of course, Liz wasn't dead, but the question is where to go from the cliffhanger. Who has the baby? Where's Tom? And will we finally learn more about the connection Red has with Elizabeth? And how exactly are they going to set up the spin-off? I actually liked that backdoor-pilot - although I could definitely do without Famke's Janssen's character flirting with Tom who's actually her son... urgh. But let's see what happens.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

This spin-off of Arrow and The Flash didn't work quite so well, unfortunately. The premise itself was stupid, especially as it was carried by the weakest characters. Not to mention that those characters just acted like morons. Kendra who has the chance to off Savage... and she doesn't because he beloved has lost his memories. Timetraveler Rip doesn't actually care about Savage and change history for the benefit of Earth, he just wants his wife and son to survive (but doesn't grant others the same wish, i.e. Sarah). I'm just glad that Savage and the Hawks are gone with the final episode, and I hope they'll find a way to revive Snart who was hands-down the best developed character in this series. And I'm not sure if it can survive without him.

Arrow and The Flash have their season finals this week.
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