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had quite a lackluster season, I'm afraid. I actually found Damien Darkh more interesting than last year's villain, but still the whole arc didn't quite work for me. Might also be due to my problems with Felicity whom I simply can't stand. She's somehow not a real person to me, and she has no chemistry at all with Oliver, so they don't work as a couple. And her moral speeches are just cringe-worthy (especially the one about trust when Oliver didn't tell her immediately about his son) because who's she kidding? She knew who Oliver was and where he came from. It's a miracle he even lets people get close to him, and if she can't handle it then it's her problem, not his. But constantly trying to change him, especially when he's already obviously trying, annoys me a lot. And don't get me started on Curtis... does anyone actually like that guy? His perkiness gives me a headache. It's a shame that he'll play a more important role now that just Oliver and Felicity are left to hold up.

Overall, this season has again been about trust (Diggle, putting his brother who resurfaced under suspicious circumstances above Oliver), and facing one's inner darkness. And of course, there was Laurel's badly handled death scene: at one moment the doctor tells the team that she'll be fine, in the next moment Laurel makes her deathbed confessions about loving Oliver... and then she dies all of a sudden. So, was the doctor incompetent in her analysis of the situation? Honestly, I thought, since it was just Oliver and her at the end, that she somehow faked her death, but this doesn't appear to be the case. And so it's just very poorly done scene (although I liked Quentin's reaction which came across as quite real).

The other thing this season suffered a bit from was the endless setup for Legends of Tomorrow. I just hope they won't do yet another backdoor pilot in season 5 because that was rather boring.

But I still like this show, and I'm curious what they'll come up with for next year. It's the last year of real flashbacks since it's his final year in exile, and they'll have to bring the team back together, Diggle from another tour of military service and Thea from who knows where. I hope we'll see Nissa again, because I liked her, would love to have her join the team, actually. Let's see what happens next.

The Flash

also had quite a mediocre season. I actually liked the first half, safe for the setup of Legends (see above), but Harry posed a threat, Zoom was devastating in his first attack on Barry etc. But then there was this endless Wally-family-arc (and another round of "Ooooh, I love the Flash", "Barry is the Flash?!?", reminiscent of Iris's arc last year), and they quite dragged their feet with getting rid of Zoom once it was revealed who Zoom actually was. That whole take-down took too many episodes, and even detours with the episode in the Speedforce.

The ending, however... well, I loved that going back to Nora's murder, and now Barry's decision is different from last year's. I'm not sure what to think about the fact that Barry's capable apparently of going back and forth in time arbitrarily now (remember, last year he needed the quantum particle to do that), but I'm eager to see what changes this one decision to save her brought about. Will Barry be happy now? Will there still be a team now? And actually, since Barry now changed his own past... did the events in seasons 1 and 2 happen the way we saw them? Or did they change now, too - meaning there's still a villain!Harry, and an Earth 2 with Zoom? And is Barry still the Flash? Again, let's see what happens next.
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