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The Last Ship

I remember season 1 being a bit lackluster, but season 2 really picked up speed. There was suspense with the sub, a bit of a white whale situation for Chandler (and Rachel with Niels), politics on the side and less of the interpersonal relationships on the ship that so dominated season 1.

I have two minor issues, though: the president came back from being brainwashed a bit too fast, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, for some betrayal on his part, but it never came. And Rachel killing Niels in cold blood, that was a bit much for me, a bit of the typical black and white-view shown in military series (think NCIS). Granted, he was an absolute horrible human being, using himself as a vector for the virus, but did Rachel practically have to stoop to his lows? She says herself that she didn't need to kill Niels in order to manufacture the cure. And she showed no moral qualms later on which is what actually disturbed me - I thought she rather enjoyed playing god with her cure... and what does that tell about her as a human being?

I'm looking forward to season 3.


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