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How to get away with murder

I thought season 2 was more interesting than season 1. Oh, the case of the season didn't really strike me as suspenseful. Granted, it took some unexpected turns but whether the siblings are guilty or not doesn't really matter, does it. What matters more is the background to the main characters. Everyone has bodies in their closet, we learn more about Bonnie, and especially about Wes and his connection to Annalise which is the heart of the whole story in my opinion. But it's not that any new revelation makes the characters more relatable, quite the opposite. Bonnie and Frank are murderers, and Annalise is covering up for them. And the "kids"... they really have to do some growing up still - and manning up to their mistakes.

I'm still looking forward to season 3, but like with season 2 I'll binge-watch it at the end of the season because I guess a weekly one-hour session with those psychopaths isn't enough to truely get into the mood. *g*

Person of Interest

What a show that has been right up till the end. It's a godsend that TPTB decided to turn season 5 into a shortened final season, because this way this show came to a scripted end while still going so strong.

Season 5 was all about the final battle between the Machine and Samaritan, and trying to recover Shaw - which Shaw does by herself, after one of the most stunning hours of TV this season, "6741", which confronted her with endless simulations, aiming for her to give up the Machine's location. But we knew, of course, that there have to be sacrifices along the way - Root who's become the heart of the show in the past years and gets turned into the voice of the Machine. And interestingly, her dialogues with Finch don't change all that much, whether as Root earlier or as the Machine.

But at the core of the show was still Finch, hiring Reese to do the physical part - and not forseeing them becoming friends. The final episode is a bittersweet hour of what death means, sacrifice, and friendship. To paraphrase a bit, you die alone, but maybe if someone remembers you, if you meant something to someone you don't die at all. We all know that dying was Reese's destiny. Unlike the others, he didn't have anything to live for, so him sacrificing himself for Finch was heart-wrenching to watch (and I admit to some tear-shedding here), but somehow it was right for the character. As is Finch's reuniting with Grace, or the Machine's surviving and contacting Shaw (and not Finch).

The show came to a very satisfying ending (even if they left the door to a sequel open) - I will definitely miss it because the quality was consistently top-notch, the acting, the mood, the quotes... perfect.


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