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Game of Thrones

After the lackluster season 5, GoT comes back with a mostly marvelous season 6. Mostly, because the middle of the season dragged a bit, but the beginning and the end more than made up for that. But I think that a shortening of the seasons, as it's planned for seasons 7 and 8, is a great idea.

The most emotional moment for me was the reunion of Jon and Sansa - I loved that hug at Castle Black. The death of "Hold the door" Hodor didn't touch me as much, but I'm curious whether the fact that Bran can influence the past will make a return appearance. But mostly, this season was finally done with laying out new plotthreads, but instead brought many of them together and/or to an end, such as the ridiculous plot with the High Sparrow who came out of nowhere in season 5 or those masked assassins in Meereen.

So, what's the status quo at the end of the season?

* Jon is King of the North, proclaimed by child-lady Lyanna Mormont, the only one of the old allies who backed up the Starks when they gathered an army against Ramsay Bolton and who didn't waste time putting the shame on the other old allies. But then again, he's thought to be the bastard son of Ned Stark, but in reality he's the son of Ned's sister and Rhaegar Targaryen... so, does he actually have a claim on Winterfell? And come to think of it, does Dany now have a claim on the Iron Throne when her brother had a son in Jon? I just hope they won't solve this issue by marrying off Dany and Jon, aunt and nephew... urgh.

* Sansa showed her ruthlessness by letting his own hounds eviscerate Ramsay. And she doesn't fully trust Jon, not telling him about the army in her backpocket which could have saved quite a few lives. But there's Littlefinger whose vision is to sit on the Iron Throne with Sansa by his side. Is Sansa going to fall for that? One thing's for sure, she learned the hard way about politics, manipulation and power plays. Let's just hope she isn't too tainted by it. Right now, I'm not sure Jon should turn his back on her, but then again he's prone to put his trust in people who might not deserve it. But given their history, Littlefinger selling her out to Ramsay, I can't imagine her falling into his trap again. But she might fall into the honey-trap of power.

* Arya has not become "no one", but she's mastered the art of assassination - and now works off her list of targets. Thankfully, the Freys have been dealt with first, what a despicable clan. But is she going for Cersei next or joining her family? (One thing, though: her journey from Braavos took preciously little time.)

* Bran has taken over from the 3-eyed raven, warging his way through time. He discovers Jon's true heritage, but also the true origins of the White Walkers. The question remains if he and the King of the White Walkers are now somehow connected, thus rendering the protection of the Wall moot if Bran crosses it back south. The conversation with Benjen Stark, who mysteriously "survived" the attack right at the beginning of the whole saga and returned just in a time of desperate need as some sort a "good" zombie, hinted at that.

* Dany's now on her way to Westeros, together with a new army of Dothraki, Tyrion, 3 dragons, and Varys who was busy forming an alliance with the Tyrells and the Mantells. She's hinting at trying her way with diplomacy, meaning marriage... but what male is left for her to marry? Jon? See above - urgh. Jaime Lannister perhaps but would she marry her father's killer?

* And finally, Cersei claimed the Iron Throne for herself after incinerating all of her enemies and leaving her son to commit suicide. Jaime who was exiled for most of the season returns just to see her crowned. Earlier on he claims that Cersei is his true love, he'd do anything for her - but his facial expression right at the end... well, I'm not so sure he's still firmly in her camp after what she's done, at least indirectly being responsible for their son's suicide.

A few remarkable scenes:

* the hug, as I said before

* Jon rushing to prevent Rickon's death, and in doing so realizing what a monster Ramsay truely is - a true "You know nothing (of the real world), Jon Snow" moment

* Sansa's first scene with Littlefinger, telling him what Ramsay's done to her

* Sansa's smirk... gave me the creeps.

* "The north remembers", Lyanna Mormont.

* Arya's "A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I'm going home." Finally.

* the fleet at the end

* Dany making Tyrion her Hand, loved the emotions in that scene.

* Olenna Tyrell at Dorne... loved the way she put down those girls.

* the dragons - it's just a good thing that the 2 Dany locked away apparently don't hold a grudge. But maybe they chose Tyrion as their rider, judging by the way he could approach and free them.

Together with Person of Interest's final season certainly the most intense show. Loved it.


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