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I have to say I enjoyed season 2 even more than season 1. The season itself is quite neatly divided between the events in Paris - stunning sets, costumes, the depravity there... - and Scotland as Claire and Jamie work to prevent the Battle of Culloden... and fail.

Actually, I liked that there weren't really many explicit scenes, and even "the rape" only features more prominently whenever Jack Randall pops up. I appreciate, though, that Jamie is suffering from the aftermath, but he isn't consumed by it. So, Jamie's actions in this season do make sense. I'm afraid I have more problems with Claire who, on the one hand tries to prevent the past from occurring the way she remembers it - meaning that her own past would change as well; Will she even be married to a Frank Randall? - , but on the other hand, tries everything to preserve Frank's existence, thus denying Jamie his revenge. She's willing to go where morals cease to exist, marrying off a young rape-victim to Jack (on the pretext of her carrying Frank's ancestor), which was just despicable since, even if it's the eve of the Battle of Culloden (where he supposedly would die), she should know what harm could befall Mary at Jack Randall's hands in just one night. And in the bigger picture, she persuades Jamie to comit an assassination. It's not carried out (yet), but are there no limits?

The season starts with Claire returning to 1948, to 3 years after she vanished, pregnant with Jamie's child. The season ends with Brianna, Claire's daughter finding out about Jamie and the Ring of Stones... and Claire learns that Jamie who sent her back himself might not have died after all.

I just hope that when Claire returns to the past, her 20 years have restored her ethics a bit. But I really like the chemistry between her and Jamie. And I'm curious to see whether she's condemned Mary to life with Jack Randall...


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