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Saw it yesterday - and while it was a good movie, it felt a bit like Star Wars with ST-injokes. But I'm glad I managed to avoid practically all spoilers (except for the Sulu-one which is to me a non-issue).

The good:

* the characterization and the humour
* the handling of Spock Prime's death - loved it. But, was this planned from the get-go, or inserted after Nimoy's death?
* also liked the "in loving memory of LN" resp "for Anton" without any music after the main credits.
* Spock and Bones - that was missing in the first 2 movies.

The so-so:

* the story - predictable (how many times, even in TOS, have we seen a stranded officer turn evil?) and lacking any depth... not to mention that SF acts a bit naively in just sending their best ship into an unknown and unpredictable area just out of the good of their hearts
* the 3D/action-sequences - honestly, sometimes I could have used a barf-bag or at least a travel-gum because the camera movement was quite erratic. At other moments the cinematography was really stunning (the way the bees attacked and damaged Enterprise for example, or Yorktown - Inception anyone?). So I don't regret watching it in 3D, but a more steady camera-handling would have been appreciated
* poor Enterprise - parallels to the old movies, being badly damaged in the 2nd and outright destroyed in the 3rd.

The bad:

* Just how many of Kirk's midlife-crises are we expected to suffer through? He's just about 30 years old... And/or Spock's? I mean if it's about creating little Vulcans, then there are other ways than resigning and moving to New Vulcan - even today, especially for males.
* I still don't feel any chemistry between Spock and Uhura - granted, their scenes were nice and meant to be touching... but they simply don't manage to actually touch me. Someone wrote in a forum that this is because nuSpock somehow appears as asexual, as pretty frigid, whereas oldSpock definitely had some fire beneath that cool exterior - is it Quinto's portrayal that gives those asexual vibes, or bad writing?
* a bit too much of funny Scotty for my taste
* Krall - 2-dimensional... even Khan or Marcus were better explored in Into Darkness than he was here.
* the Warp 4 engine was built in the 2160s? Continuity anyone? Enterprise had a warp 5 engine and was launched in 2151... and that timeline wasn't erased...

BTW, I'd have hoped for some kind of referrals to Into Darkness, such as when they discussed dying, Kirk could have made a flip-remark about "been there, done that", or what about Carol Marcus? And what about that 3rd glass of Scotch (which seemed like a kind of ritual for Kirk and Bones)? Did that refer to Pike? Or Kirk's father? Or the Kelvin in general?

Overall, Into Darkness had its flaws, definitely. It was a rip-off and Khan was ill-used there (the too many villains problem, I guess). But it carried some emotional punch, nonetheless (Pike!!). Which this movie didn't. Unfortunately. It's still a reasonably good movie, though, but nothing more. 6,5/10
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