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I have to admit I watched all 13 episodes... but I didn't really get Shaw's plans... yeah, there was some kind of explanation in that she never wanted to feel powerless anymore. But why ally herself with Peng? What exactly was her endgame? WTF?

And what about that woman kind of replacing Rachel? First of all, well, the poster action woman (especially in the first part of the season where Kara didn't really have anything to do), and then of course, as (yet another) love interest for Chandler. Pleeeease.

If it's protocol for the entire senior staff of a ship to go to a party in not reliably safe circumstances, then I'd rethink those protocols on the double. Sorry, but the setup for the kidnapping was just stupid. As was the whole vampire-subplot. Anyone heard of different blood types before?

And Chandler on the brink of a breakdown, all the losses he's suffered (including his father's at the hands of Shaw), and then he's leaving the ship to ride into the sunset - well, I'll give him till episode 2 until he's back in command.

The season was still reasonably suspenseful, otherwise I wouldn't have kept watching, but, considering there are seasons 4 *and* 5 in the works, the writers should definitely get their stuff together and come up with reasonable plots.
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