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I actually wanted to see those movies in the cinema, but never got around to do it. Thank God for DVDs and/or in-flight entertainment...

X-Men: Apocalypse

I have to say I actually liked that movie quite much. Of course, Erik again got dealt the worst cards with losing his family through a hate-crime (but Quicksilver as Erik's son?!? Pleeeease.), and Mystique did take a bit of a backseat this time around. I'm not sure, though, just how this movie fits into the ongoing narrative. What happened in between Days of Future Past and Apocalypse? How did Wolverine end up at Stryker's base when he was rescued by Mystique? And Jean? So she unleashes her powers in this version of the timeline much earlier and in a much better way than in The Last Stand (which got erased from history along all the other movies save First Class)? And actually, what did Apocalypse try to achieve? World-domination? I'm afraid I spent 2,5 hours watching this movie, but didn't quite catch that.

I absolutely loved the usage of Beethoven's 7th symphony.

I'm eager to see more now. I guess the next time-jump will land them in the 1990's (and I hope the actors' make-up will reflect the passing of time as it didn't... they sort of looked the same as in First Class, not a single grey hair or little wrinkle on the face...), hope they won't again pitch Erik on the losing/bad side but for once pair the whole team up against a common enemy. Still love McAvoy and Fassbender, they could go on doing this for quite some time, if I had anything to say about this. 7/10.

Independence Day: Resurrection

Now, this I watched on my flight to Toronto... and actually I practically fell asleep. I'm so happy I didn't see that movie in the cinema as I had planned (because I loved the first part). But this was just boring, boring, boring. Now, 2 weeks later I can't even remember the salient parts, and that's saying something. Wish I could unsee this. 1/10.

Now, I'm looking forward to Dr Strange and Star Wars: Rogue One.
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