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Absolutely stunning visuals, one of the few movies that one absolutely has to see on the big screen. (Especially the end credits, though, reminded me a bit of an LSD-trip - not that I ever experienced one, but I heart it described that way *g*)

The girlfriend wasn’t really memorable, rather 2-dimensional, as was the villain, a typical bad guy.

Plotwise... interesting world building, I thought Tilda Swinton really did a great job as the Ancient One. But the whole transition from student to master for Strange went way too fast. How long did he spend in Nepal? And just reading of spells and magic doesn’t make you an expert in their execution. Which is mentionned, but in the end didn’t matter since Strange just saved the world singlehandedly with spells he’s just read about. I think more time could have been spent here.

Cumberbatch was great, although Strange is somewhat his usual character-type, aloof, intellectual, brilliant, arrogant. Sometimes I was quite reminded of Sherlock in gestures and phrases. (Which isn’t a problem since he’s great at such characters, but at some point I guess I really want to see him doing something different).

I hope there’s going to be a sequel to that, as the scenes during the credits were, plot- and drama-wise, quite enticing. Pitch friend against friend? That could really be a great premise. 7/10
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