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Well, did the revival live up to its hype? I'm afraid not.

I've seen all 4 episodes, wasn't overwhelmed. I by far preferred the first 4 seasons to the later ones in the original series, and unfortunately Rory continues her path from the later seasons. She's like an entitled little girl who thinks she has accomplished so much, but really she hasn't. And her personal life? Lamenting Logan's (urgh!) inavailability... but really she's the one who apparently goes for the inavailable men, or rather wants them once they become inavailable (see Dean back in the series, now Logan). Professionally, she still doesn't deal well with rejection. So there's an ongoing thread with her, but not one that I particularly wanted to explore even more after seasons 5-7. But I liked the fact that it was Jess who pointed her (again) in the right direction, even though Rory could have handled the execution a bit better. Just because she wants to write about their lives doesn't mean Lorelai wants to read about it after all... Well, the less said about the last scene of the 4th episode, the better.

I really liked Lorelai's arc, and coupled with that Emily's. Could have done without the Parenthood-cameos, though.

I think that the whole plot could have used some editing. There wasn't enough substance to sustain 4 feature-length episodes, and some things, like the musical got way too much screen time. I can't say I'm going to rewatch these 4 films anytime soon (as opposed to the series), but it was good to get another glimpse into Stars Hollows, the town meetings, Paris (!!!!), Lane and Zack's steady relationship (as opposed to Rory and Paris), to hear those fast dialogues and the pop culture references, the 30-something gang (and their parents!) etc.

Loved Babette's, "Sherlock's gay?", though. ;)
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