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Just saw it, and loved it.

The story had depth, tied in neatly with ANH (although I'd still like to know what happened to that Death Star frame at the end of RotS - was that a prototype or *the* Death Star and it took just 20 years to finish it... because it looked close to finished back then...), Jyn was great as was Andor, also that this is kind of the turning point for an alliance (and Andor himself) that doesn't quite know what it's actually fighting for. Really enjoyed that aspect. Even liked the droid - he was funny. *g* The blind guy and his companion could have needed a bit more fleshing out, though.

CGI-Tarkin was well done, could have done without Leia, though. That looked a bit too artificial, and in a way it would have sufficed to see the ship, maybe a comm-officer saying they received the plans, and that's it - because anybody not knowing the story won't care, and anybody knowing what comes next will get the hint, so I didn't need the fully carried out "oh, see, Leia's on board and has the plans now"-message. OTOH, that Leia's even at the battle site doesn't really mix with Organa's intimation that he'll send her to Obi-Wan... by way of being in a deadly battle? The conversation on Yavin didn't indicate that Organa sends her with the plans to Obi-Wan, so no necessity for her to pick them up... again, this ending could have been handled differently, maybe a last-minute alliance-communication that Leia's ship picks up... Overall, Organa could have had a bigger role, especially in that meeting of the council... he was very quiet there.

Loved the actual, quite bleak ending (with the ray of hope, of course, but still). Obvious, since we don't hear from the main characters anymore, but still very well done.

Just one thing that bugged me: Jyn has to reallign the satellite dish so that the message can be sent. But before she can return to the communication device, the dish is destroyed... so she can send the message with the dish destroyed, but not with it misaligned?

About the visuals: Honestly, I think this movie would have worked perfectly without the 3D because I didn't really see any playing with the different levels as in other movies (like Dr Strange where you really had that near/far-impression). And as much as I loved the battle sequence but it was a bit vertigo-inducing, again (but then again, I'm not too good with heights and they played quite a bit with that). I guess I'd tolerate that better in 2D. But I loved the different planets, the Death Star gave me the shivers when it appeared on the horizon etc. There should have been some kind of title-sequence, though... really missed that, perhaps not the crawl because that should be reserved to the main SW-stories, but still... well... something. But I liked that they used the main theme in the end credits (twice *g*).

Overall: big thumbs-up. 8.5/10


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