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I've finally rewatched "The lying Detective"...

... and I really liked it. Of course, I still have issues with it, mainly with the direction the writers have taken John, the violence, the small border between love and hate. And it's because of this that I'm not exactly sure if I want to see the relationship between Sherlock and John continue. I mean, how are they going to portray a return to the status quo ante after all that's happened? I guess we'll see tomorrow.

While TLD is overtly filled with funny sequences, it's also a deeply moving and personal story of 2 people who are both, in their own ways, suicidal. I loved the whole sequence with Sherlock and Euros although the twist at the end makes me wonder if the gun in her handbag was rather a means to kill Sherlock if he showed any sign of suspicion, than a means to make him spend time with her. But I'm not entirely sure if it even happened, except for the meeting at Baker Street... because she showed up on none of the video material, and it did sound like some kind of reimagination of Sherlock and John's first meeting.

And I also still think that Smith isn't particularly terrifying because the structure of the case is just too similar to Magnussen's - Sherlock even describes him with roughly the same words. But I guess for British viewers the case strikes much closer to home...

The Irene-thing? Well, for one thing John was again just projecting his own relationship with Mary onto Sherlock, and Sherlock just admitted to a few texts, so I don't quite see the outcry about Moffat having forgotten that he himself wrote Irene as gay, or that Sherlock somehow engages in a love affair (when he's fated to be with John forever) or that John encourages him into a relationship with Irene... So, it was just another plot device to get John to open up about his cheating (with Sherlock's sister BTW!), and not at all about Sherlock's relationship with Irene. Though I wouldn't mind seeing her again!

Also, both Lestrade and Mycroft are awfully passive. I mean Sherlock's beaten to a pulp, John has the marks on his knuckles... and Lestrade isn't doing anything? Yeah, there is a point to be made that John defended Smith in the beginning, but there's something like excessive use of force even in the defense of others (at least in our legal systen here). And I'd just, I don't know, handle the shown violence better if anyone at all had commented on it in a critical way. Because Sherlock didn't have it coming. And what kind of police officer (and friend!) is Lestrade to just look away?

Unfortunately, like with John, that fits with the story Moftiss are telling... consequences? What consequences? Still wish there would have been a different way to tell the story, though.

... I'll raise my previous rating to 8.5/10

Doesn't mean that I'm not still deeply upset... And yet, even if I'm no longer quite comfortable with John and Sherlock (and I mean the friendship), I still love Sherlock to bits.
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