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A few of the programmes that I follow have already finished with their respective seasons:


The 6th season was all over the place, I'm afraid. A new president that's against the existing policy, the intelligence and military bosses trying to convince her otherwise, Carrie, Saul and Peter caught in the middle. And, of course, in the end, it turns out that nothing is as it seems.

Whereas in earlier seasons there seemed to be too much plot to cram into those 12 episodes, this time the plot appeared dragged out, such as Carrie's troubles with Child Services (since when do they just take away the child without even contacting the mother first? And why does the process drag out even after Adar who was behind it all, is out of the picture?). And again Peter's subplot didn't quite fit in, like in season 5. He's suffering from a stroke, ptsd and a whole lot of other psychological issues and, of course, still is able to identify a surveillance team, the real plot surrounding a bombing in New York and the perpetrators' next plans. To be honest, I believe Peter's story had run its course 2 seasons ago, and that they chose to keep him alive in season 5 was perhaps not the best choice overall. Still, he died a hero, and I have to admit I had a lump in my throat. I just wished his relationship with Carrie had been resolved a bit better.

So, what's next? Carrie has practically no friends left, except for Max, Saul is in prison, the president is carrying out questionable orders and policies - and one of the conspirators, the one who rigged the video about the president's son, is still spewing his venom. But somehow, Homeland works better when it's in a contained environment, rather than playing big league politics. Then again, Homeland was at its best in the first 2-3 seasons. It's still a good show, but it doesn't bring the "nail-biting" suspense anymore.

The Good Fight

This is the sequel to The Good Wife. Diane loses all her money which she invested in a good friend's investment fund, and instead of retiring she has to join a new firm, together with her god-daughter Maya (the daughter of said investment firm's boss). Incidentally, Lucca Quinn is an associate at that new firm.

The first 10 episodes all deal with Good Wife-like cases, and the known and rather unconventional judges (I LOVE Judge Abernathy! Please more of him!), all the while the investigation into the investment fraud is underway and Maya becomes suspect of being a co-conspirator rather than a victim.

I've enjoyed this show from the start because it goes back to the roots of The Good Wife (sans Margulies), including a nice intro-score. The new firm is quite the more interesting and sympathetic bunch than what has become of the erstwhile Lockhart/Gardner-firm, and quite frankly, the show is much more female-led than Good Wife ever was. I'm looking forward to the next season.


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