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24 - Legacy

So, here we have it, the first season without Kiefer Sutherland - damnit!!

I thought the 12 episodes played out well enough. The lead character, Alex Carter, is no Jack Bauer, unfortunately, and his family issues dragged out way too much. Of course, either the senator or his wife were going to die. And I'm happy to see that for once, save for a couple of power plays the CTU remained conspiracy-free. I like Keith, the director, even though I find it a bit ridiculous that he relies on an analyst that's been just 2 weeks on the job during a major crisis. But that's 24.

But, the pacing sometimes didn't fit - the 5 minute breaks didn't make sense, such as during the last 2 hours when Tony and his team attack the farm house where they know there's just one person inside... and they remain practically in the same place outside until break's over? Did they decide to have a bathroom break and snack? The same thing also happens with Carter in the first or second episode when he tells CTU that he's just 50 yards from Grimes's location... and then he needs 5 minutes to cross those 50 yards? And let's not mention the 12 hour gap during the last episode: We're meant to believe that it takes 12 hours for Carter to return to CTU and have his debrief? That was bad editing. As was the sudden turnaround from Donovan to keep running for president after he learns that Simms committed suicide. That doesn't solve his issues at all. And that his father who at least collaborated with terrorists isn't prosecuted... That's stretching it bit too far.

I liked to revisit Tony, but I'd like to have heard at least something about Jack Bauer - is he still in Russia? Was he killed there? Just something.

And conincidentally, even though I've seen the first season of 24 just once more than a decade ago... when the voice over comes with "The following takes place between..." I still mentally add "on the day of the California Presidential primary". Yeah, back then 24 was groundbreaking. Now it's entertaining to binge-watch those 12 episode. Nothing more, nothing less.


Another binge-watching session with season 3. And honestly, I'm not sure, this series needed a third season. It's set 3 years after the trial and acquittal of Joe Miller, Hardy and Ellie are back at the Broadchurch police station, everyone except Mark Latimer moved on. Now the police is dealing with a rape case which turns into the investigation of a serial rapist, and again, in good Broadchurch-tradition, we get a glimpse into the abyss of the human soul.

Still, despite the matter at hand, this season is far lighter on the personal issues, it's more of an afterthought of the series so far, an epilogue. Again, not sure we needed that.


Well, not much to report here. Mike gets out of prison and somehow through strongarming a true license to practice law... and of course, he returns to Pearson/Specter/Litt. Louis finds and loses the love of his life in a whirlwind romance. And practically everyone knows that Harvey, Louis and Jessica comitted fraud - and doesn't bat an eyelash. I like the characters still, but what I don't like is that there are no consequences. I think the series could work otherwise, but TPTB decided to go down the lighter route where everyone turns a blind eye (and/or Harvey somehow manages to wriggle out of the closing noose). And about Mike? If he at least showed some kind of remorse... but no, he's his self-righteous self. Urgh.
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