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Madam Secretary

We have an unconventional presidential race, and home-grown terrorist cell, international politics and college issues. Henry's still way too superhero-like in his clandestine operations abilities which stretches credibility quite a bit. But overall, a good, albeit not very memorable season.


After the Kitty- and Morland-arcs of the previous seasons, this one with Shinwell Johnson was quite weak. I never could empathize with Joan's willingness to help a murderer, and her attacking Sherlock in the end for not helping. Perhaps it was the lack or charisma of the actor portraying Shinwell, perhaps it was poor writing, but I certainly won't shed a tear over him.

OTOH, we got a resolution (albeit a too simple one) to the Kitty-arc who finally found peace for herself again. I didn't quite follow why no one prosecuted her for essentially disfiguring her erstwhile tormentor back in season 3, but it was great to see her again.

It's a shame that Morland quietly left Sherlock's life again. Instead, we learn in the last 2 episodes that Sherlock faces serious health-issues of his own - he's started to hallucinate his own mother, and Joan takes her time to realize there's more wrong with Sherlock than just a reluctance to help with the gang-investigation. So, what's in store for Sherlock next? A major episode of depression? A psychotic break? Or a physical brain-illness?


With Weatherly leaving NCIS, that show has lost most of its appeal to me (not that I liked DiNozzo for much of the last 5 or 6 years, but that was due to poor writing, i.e. lack of characterization), so I migrated to his new show, Bull. Bull's a psychologist running an institute for trial analysis, how best to choose jurors to fit your case, how to influence them, and how to win cases - and solve the crime which sometimes, but not always go hand in hand. It's a bit of a different approach to crime solving, not much psychology, but rather pretty easy entertainment. I like it - but I wouldn't be opposed if the characterization were a bit stronger, and some of the protagonists a bit more flawed and complicated.

Grey's Anatomy

was a bit of a miss this season. Meggie's arc with her mother was quite cringeworthy, her entitlement to know everything about her, her reactions etc. She's a child, basically, which perhaps comes from her being a prodigy, but nonetheless with the maturity of a 15 year old. And that kind of sucks. And then the latest twist about her being interested in Jackson?!? I thought he'd made up with April (which that whole episode in the midwest was all about)?

Amelia and Owen's arc didn't really work for me, either. Didn't they ever discuss children? I mean that's why Owen's marriage to Christina broke up, and he didn't discuss that with Amelia - and she didn't once mention her pregnancy and the heart-break of that? She did once speak of it back when April lost her child 2 years ago, but why wasn't that traumatic experience more of an issue with Owen, before they decided to have a baby (or rather, Owen did and Amelia chickened out)? I realize that that whole altercation probably was added due to the actress's real time-pregnacncy, but the entire arc felt contrived and ill-conceived.

The less said about Alex and Jo, the better. Why end last season with Alex beating the crap out of DeLuca when there are no consequences (after episodes of worrying)? And the penultimate episode about Alex stalking Jo's ex... that was just creepy. And since the husband was played by a well-known actor, he's certainly coming back like a bad penny.

Speaking of bad pennies: I guess the old saying, "no one's dead unless you see the body and have it confirmed", pans out again with Owen's sister coming back from the dead. Is this going to be a "Homeland"esque return with her suffering from Stockholm-syndrome? Or severe PTSD after being held captive for 10 years (with presumably horrendous trauma)? PTSD was already addressed with Owen himself... but prolonged captivity, psychological and physical torture? Not so much. Not to mention the possible sexual violence-angle which, on the other hand, would be the clichéd way out. But it would involve Nathan...

Then there's the whole situation with Minnick. I did see where Catherine and Bailey were coming from. And I thought the other attendings just reacted like spoiled brats, especially Meredith. But citing rules and regulations and blaming others when Stephanie went missing with the rapist during a fire... that was plainly ridiculous and showed Minnick's true colors. Good riddance. And actually, I'm not too sad to see Stephanie gone, either.

GA's still good entertainment, but the real heart-wrenching issues are few and get ever more bogged down by triviality and intrigues.


So, we have Mellie, who was not elected!, as president, Cyrus as vice-president (but actually having induced Vargas's death by his wife because only a dead president can get things done), and Olivia running B613 and the Oval. I watch this show with a kind of sick fascination, like watching a car wreck, I suppose (never having watched one). The series of events is simply ludicrous, but as I said sick fascination makes for a powerful incentive to keep watching. Just for the record, Olivia has lost any fading inkling of sainthood in the end. So every moral speech coming out of her mouth is one single lie.

The Blacklist

The whole first part about Liz being kidnapped, the division and Red reacting to her being alive after all... that didn't quite work for me (especially Samar dissatisfaction but still staying put). Red shooting Mr Kaplan was logical as it's in sync with how he reacts to betrayal. And IMO, Mr Kaplan's subsequent actions were also very much in character. She was never loyal to Red, after all, but to saving Liz (2 things which she thought were no longer compatible). So Mr Kaplan has another secret about Red and Liz (a bigger one than that he's presumable her father - which after 4 seasons didn't really matter anymore, I guess) hidden somewhere, and Tom has it in his hands now.


Actually, I watched both seasons, and I loved Cat Grant, I loved the dynamics of the first season even if it wasn't as complex as season 2's. But the transition from season 1 to 2 was kind of awkward with Cat leaving, Lorde and Lois's sister simply vanishing into thin air, and aliens popping up all over the town, Winn moving to the DEO and James taking up as the Guardian.

I liked Lena Luthor and I'm curious as to where they're going with that character, and with her mother. And will Alex's father pop up again? Alex's subplot about coming out and having a relationship with Maggie was on the one hand well handled (although a bit too smoothly for my taste), on the other hand for all the smooth reactions to it it took up too much screentime. The show is called Supergirl, and not "Alex and her coming out".

Mon-El was in the end a good addition to the show, and the arc with his mother was entertaining. But why the hell should lead be a problem for the Daxomites? I mean we have lead on the Earth all over the place, and there was never any inkling that Mon-El reacted to it in any way like Kara to Kryptonite... so that was kind of a deus ex machina-solution to Raya taking over on Earth, and of course it leads to heart-break for our hero which is always a favourite in terms of cliffhangers.

Overall, I like this series, it's very human, funny but also dramatic - absolutely good entertainment, and perhaps right now the best of the superhero-shows.


I thought, and I know I'm in the minority here, that season 5 was one of the weaker seasons so far. Chase didn't work at all for me, the actor/acting just repelled me, and the way he influenced Oliver seemed contrived and repetitive - because Oliver already had to come to terms with who is and what he's done in earlier seasons. I'm aware that Oliver had to juggle his roles as mayor and Arrow, but please why didn't he take out Chase the second he knew he was the Killer? Why let him run free to terrorise the city and Oliver? The story-structure didn't make any sense at that point. And Talia? I hoped she would turn out to be the real villain, but so far she was only a tool. But maybe that's going to change.

The new team... I don't know... but Curtis is a male perky Felicity (which is not in his favour), Dina sort of a Laurel-replacement (now even officially) and Rene and his anger/child-rearing-issues... Well, it's sort of like Roy 2.0, same character, different issues.

And then there's Felicity who's still waxing morals when she herself goes down the immoral road (like with John and Lyla, I guess). I can't stand that woman, and that she's maybe made up with Oliver makes me want to scream. Actually, if anyone has to die in the cliffhanger, I really want it to be her.

But unfortunately that won't happen. So what will be the next step? The most clichéd one would be for the mother of Oliver's son to die and him having to stay with Oliver. I do see some potential in that - but also huge pitfalls. But I hope Slade will stick around. Now that he's back to normal, his mentoring relationship with Oliver could prove interesting, especially considering their past.

The Flash

This season was by far the weakest, so far. All this jumping around in time and universe (but not when it really made sense), the question of whether the future is written in stone, Barry's guilttrip became boring quite soon into the season. And I still don't understand once the truth about Savitar was known, why the rest of the team didn't just isolate Barry, since his memories made Savitar stronger.

About Caitlin: I like seeing her as Killer Frost, and I even like Julian with her. But quite frankly, in the end she was full Killer Frost one second, and the next her humanity was back again? That felt as rushed as the plot with Savitar felt dragged out. I just hope her leaving to find herself doesn't mean she won't be around regularly anymore (since the show can use some more females aside from Iris).

Speaking of Iris, she's still the damsel in distress, apparently she has no job anymore other than being there in Star Labs. I liked her quiet strength, but she really has to become more active. Still could do without Wally and his inferiority complex (I simply don't see the point of his being there at all) - but I still adore Joe. Love his relationship with his children. To be honest, I like that HR is gone, but he did go out in style. I certainly didn't see that coming.

So, what's Barry's torture in the Speed Force going to be like? Flashpoint all over again? And how are they going to get him out of there?


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