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The Handmaid's Tale, Season 1

This is easily one of the strongest, most poignant programmes in recent times. A dystopian future in a pseudo-biblical dictatorship, back to the roots, women back in the houses, some enslaved, trained to accept their own ritual rape.

(Sadly) Realistic setting, brilliant performances, so much anguish, pain, but also empowerment and hope. Deeply unsettling, definitely no bingeing on this. Wow.

"Better never means better for everyone, but it always means worse for some."

"They should have never given us uniforms, if they didn't want us to be an army."

This is Us

Family drama, told in a non-linear fashion switching from different points in the past to the present. Love Jack and Becca, don't care so much for Kate and Kevin... but all the episodes have messages that you can relate to. I'll keep watching.

Manchester by the Sea

Brilliantly acted (that Oscar was deserved!) drama. After his brother's death Lee unexpectedly gets custody of his nephew and has to return to his hometown and face his past.

At some points I had tears in my eyes, Lee's pain, and also Patrick's, are palpable and so relatable. But frankly, the movie ends at overtly natural point, but the background story remains unresolved. Yes, Lee and Patrick find a good compromise, but I had hoped for a more happy ending for Lee himself, that he can forgive himself. So that leaves me a bit dissatisfied (even if life seldom offers simple resolutions - but that's why I watch movies). Still, well worth seeing.
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