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Arrow and The Flash have their season finals this week.
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Not all of the programmes on my watch-list are finished with their seasons, but I'll start with those that are.

Good Wife )

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Suits )

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And one time playing catch-up:

The Americans )

The rest of the shows I'm currently following should sign off for this season within the next week or 2, so I'll get into those then.
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So it's been half a year since my last TV-posting...

Homeland )

Perception )

Outlander )

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I guess in May I'll do another round-up with the ending of the new seasons.
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Oh, another Star Wars movie, and it's actually worth its name.

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So, I'm eagerly waiting for part 8... unfortunately not until sometime Christmas 2017.
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Well, I have had a bit of time and rewatched TAB...

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I think TAB works better if you know what's coming. So I'll upgrade my verdict to 8/10... at least for now. Could change again with the next rewatch, of course.
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And it's finally here, the next Sherlock episode... is it worth all the hype?

SPOILER ALERT!!! You have been warned! )

So, for now I'll give it a 6.5-7/10.
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This is actually the first part I've watched in the movies, the others I watched on TV or stream. But I made it a point to see this one in the cinema as I quite enjoyed the previous 3 parts. They certainly are more complex than it stemming from books for young adults would suggest.

Spoilers!! You have been warned!! )

Overall: Overthrowing tyranny, adjusting to freedom and democracy afterwards and the problems lying therein... could there be any more relevant topics nowadays? This is a decent conclusion to this very interesting and surprisingly complex series of films. 7/10.
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Since the first round-up 2 months ago, I've kept busy... *g*

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Again, more to come with True Detective (I'm somehow stuck, though, after the episode 3 of season 1...) and Homeland, season 4...
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So, it's been a few months - time to catch up on what new series I've seen, what's impressed and/or disappointed me and so on.

Be aware of possible spoilers!!!

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There are, of course, quite a few other shows I haven't gotten around to catch up with yet. So I guess there'll be another of these catch-up posts in the near future with Homeland, True Detective etc.
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Just saw this movie, not expecting much save for a stunning performance by Benedict Cumberbatch - but I was really impressed by the whole thing.

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So, definitely one of the best movies I have seen in quite some time - but I think it's also a missed opportunity. 8/10
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I went into this film just to complete the trilogy (because I can't leave things incomplete, I'm afraid), but I found myself pleasently surprised.

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Overall, a satisfying finale, nowhere near the quality of the LotR-trilogy, of course, but I enjoyed it. And that's what counts. 7/10
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A Time to Heal leaves me quite pensive as it deals with the aftermath of the Federation's invasion of Tezwa (even if that invasion was done to prevent worse from the Klingons).

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Not an easy or satisfying place to finish a book - but there's still hope that not all remains as bleak. There's still another part left in the A Time to-series. 6.5/10
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"A Time to Kill" was quite a jump back into almost TV-Trek since it's set before Nemesis and everyone of the main characters of TNG is still on board the Enterprise. Actually, this novel is the 7th in a loosely connected series but apart from rough mentions of previous events you don't really need to have read the others - suffice it to say that Data had to choose between his service in Starfleet and his emotion chip (neatly tying loose ends about him not mentioning the chip in Nemesis) and that Picard fell into disgrace. I admit I read synopses of the mentioned 6 parts, but more to be better acquainted with the character background. The plot itself stands on its own.

So, what do we have here?

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A Time to Kill is just the first part of a duology, so, of course, it ends on a mean cliffhanger. I'm really looking forward to see all the plotthreads resolved - and I really hope Azernal will get what he deserves.

On to "A Time to Heal". 7/10
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Seekers is planned to be an ongoing series featuring alternatingly the Sagittarius and the Endeavour which were first introduced in the Vanguard-series on their ongoing adventures in the Taurus Reach in the aftermath of Vanguard's destruction. Therefore it's recommended to have at least some knowledge of what happened earlier - either by having read the series or by reading some spoilers (if you don't want to read Vanguard). I don't recommend reading Seekers before Vanguard if you plan on diving into the Vanguard-saga because you definitely get spoiled on major events.

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Of course, I'm going to read at least the next part since I can't stand only having half of the story. But after that, much depends on whether the characters evolve beyond what's been shown so far. There is potential there with the crew of the Sagittarius. It remains to be seen whether it will be realized. 5/10
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This was actually my third time reading this book - but the first time I actually felt like writing a review...

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Overall, Harbinger is one hell of a pilot to this new series. It shows a Starfleet that is willing to cross lines in T'Prynn, but also in keeping its operations and findings secret in order to be able to one-up their neighbours, it offers an enemy that's awakened due to the actions of curious scientists, and it shows that actions, however innocently taken, have consequences - on a small scale but also on a broad scale. Quite a colorful and nuanced picture Mack is painting here, perhaps a bit darker than what Star Trek has shown up until now. 9/10
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I have to admit that I don't quite understand the necessity of this little e-book - and the cynic within me wonders if the reasons of its existence have any relations to monetary issues...

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So, this is it. The end of the books-only Trek series Vanguard. Is it a worthy ending to this very ambitious project?

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This has become quite a long review because of the vast amount of plotthreads that come together here - some could have been shortened or even dropped to the benefit of the bigger picture perhaps. And that's perhaps my main point of criticism here and the reason why I'm not 100% thrilled with it. 7/10
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As the penultimate book in the Vanguard-series, it falls to What Judgments Come to bring some plotthreads to an end while driving others towards their climax.

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Ultimately, while the characterization is as top-notch as I would expect, I wasn't too happy with Jetanien's part, Starfleet's covert operations and the shortsightedness in experimenting with the Wanderer. But make not mistake: What Judgments Come is still a very good read despite the mentionned downsides. Kudos to the writers and the concept of the whole series... which comes to an end in the next book. 7/10
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Declassified is an anthology of 4 novellas exploring key moments of the Vanguard story.

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The events in this story are again a game changer. Where will the Vanguard-saga go from here? Overall: 8/10


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