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Absolutely enjoyed this.

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Definitely looking forward to the sequel! 8/10
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Just saw it, and loved it.

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Overall: big thumbs-up. 8.5/10
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I hope there’s going to be a sequel to that, as the scenes during the credits were, plot- and drama-wise, quite enticing. Pitch friend against friend? That could really be a great premise. 7/10
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I actually wanted to see those movies in the cinema, but never got around to do it. Thank God for DVDs and/or in-flight entertainment...

X-Men: Apocalypse

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Independence Day: Resurrection

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Now, I'm looking forward to Dr Strange and Star Wars: Rogue One.
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This year's Oscar-winner deals with the process of making the abuse scandal within the Archdiocese of Boston public. Incidentally, not a year ago, I read the novelization of a similar case in Louisiana, Ray Mouton's excellent "In God's House", so I was struck by the similarities.

The film begins with a short scene in 1976 where an ADA strikes a deal with the bishop to get a priest, who had just molested a young boy, off the hook. It then jumps to 2001 when the new editor of the Boston Globe tasks its Spotlight section to investigate further into the allegations of molestation and abuse of young boys by local priests. And the investigation uncovers a much larger scandal - not only were more priests involved, but also the whole system, including the legal system, even the newspapers themselves, and of course the Archdioceses covered it up.

If there's anything to criticize about here, it's the lack of surprising elements. The whole process towards publication is pretty smooth. Granted, they have to get records unsealed, so there's a bit of legal maneuvering here, but I'd have expected much more resistance and chicanry from the Archdiocese's lawyers. I'd have guessed that working on such an explosive story would have posed more of a risk, threats against the journalists, law suits etc - well, basically, what Mouton described in his book, maybe... character-assassination of the victims and those trying to uncover the truth.

And the second part is the fact that that first scene of the film doesn't really have any connection, save for the topic of course, with the rest of the movie. It stands apart. To be honest, I kept expecting that the victim back then would turn out to be the new editor who launches the whole investigation - and therefore make it much more personal.

Regardless, this is still a very good film - definitely worthy of the award. 8/10
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Saw it yesterday - and while it was a good movie, it felt a bit like Star Wars with ST-injokes. But I'm glad I managed to avoid practically all spoilers (except for the Sulu-one which is to me a non-issue).

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Overall, Into Darkness had its flaws, definitely. It was a rip-off and Khan was ill-used there (the too many villains problem, I guess). But it carried some emotional punch, nonetheless (Pike!!). Which this movie didn't. Unfortunately. It's still a reasonably good movie, though, but nothing more. 6,5/10
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Oh, another Star Wars movie, and it's actually worth its name.

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So, I'm eagerly waiting for part 8... unfortunately not until sometime Christmas 2017.
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This is actually the first part I've watched in the movies, the others I watched on TV or stream. But I made it a point to see this one in the cinema as I quite enjoyed the previous 3 parts. They certainly are more complex than it stemming from books for young adults would suggest.

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Overall: Overthrowing tyranny, adjusting to freedom and democracy afterwards and the problems lying therein... could there be any more relevant topics nowadays? This is a decent conclusion to this very interesting and surprisingly complex series of films. 7/10.
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Favorite classic movie

Ben Hur, without a doubt. I love that movie, the music, the scenes on the slave ship, the conflict between 2 former best friends. Could have done without the last 45 minutes when Ben Hur's mother and sister are miraculously cured the moment of Jesus' crucifixion... maybe because I don't think the movie really needs that religious facet. It works well enough without it.

Movie with the best soundtrack

Difficult question - and I'm going to ignore musicals and/or Disney movies right now. I'm an absolute fan of John Williams' work, Star Wars, Jurassic Park etc. But his strength is composing strong and memorable themes, but I don't like the "action"-music so much. Then there was James Horner, whose music for Apollo 13 and many others including Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan I absolutely adore. And of course, there's Howard Shore's magnificent soundtrack for The Lord of the Rings.

But somehow, the soundtrack that perhaps matched the movie best, that captured and underlined the mood of the story best, is Hans Zimmer's The Dark Knight-OST. Still get the shivers with those final notes when Gordon explains to his son that they have to hunt down Batman - and the music that comes down like wave, submerging Batman.

A movie that changed your opinion about something

Again, might go with the Batman-trilogy which showed me that comic-adaptations don't have to be pseudo-funny and/or lightweight entertainment, and that, sometimes, it's worth taking a closer look before passing judgment.

Your least favorite movie

Can't really pick one out.

So, that's it for this meme. :)
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A movie that no one would expect you to love

I guess I can't really answer that. But I'd say that no one would expect me to love (or at least enjoy) action movies with plotholes the size of the Atlantic like Independence Day or Olympus has fallen... or even Pirates of the Caribbean because I don't like pirate movies (or Johnny Depp), but I found that one hilarious.

A movie that's a guilty pleasure

Right now, I'd say Sherlock, can't get enough of it. But that's not a movie - well, it sort of is... anyway, moving along. Speaking of movies, I'll go with The Lord of the Rings. I almost always tune in when it's on TV, I just love all three of them.
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Your favorite character from any movie

Well, I guess it's cheating a bit - but I'm going with Leonard Nimoy's Spock, especially in The Wrath of Khan. Love the understated emotions, the dry humour, the strong friendship with both Kirk and McCoy... And sorry, but Quinto's version will never come even close to Nimoy's.

Favorite documentary

I don't think I've ever seen a documentary in the cinema, so I'll pass here.
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I've been remiss in updating this journal... again...

Your favorite actor

The same applies to the favourite actress as well - I don't watch movies just because a certain actor's in it. But of course, some actors draw my attention.

Most recently, that's certainly Benedict Cumberbatch. I absolutely adore his Sherlock, and, as said before, I loved him in The Imitation Game. And I almost for sure will watch Black Mass because of him (because gangster movies usually don't really appeal to me all that much).

And I'm taking a closer look on movies starring George Clooney, Christian Bale, Ewan McGregor, or even Leonardo DiCaprio, just to name a few.

Your favorite actress

More difficult to answer. I quite enjoyed Jodie Foster, Julia Robers or Michelle Pfeiffer's works - but there are hardly any movies with them any more. Right now, I quite enjoy seeing Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway.

The most overrated movie

Hm... Pulp Fiction? Perhaps it's not a genre that I usually enjoy... and I have to admit that I watched that one in a Sneak Preview, and most certainly wouldn't have bought a ticket knowingly for this movie. I just remember being quite bored.

The most underrated movie

Most certainly, Thirteen Days and The Imitation Game... both would have deserved a much larger audience.

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A movie that disappointed you the most

Well, to be disappointed the movie would have had to raise quite a high level of expection prior to watching it. Again, The Dark Knight Rises comes to mind which certainly didn't live up to the high quality of The Dark Knight. But I can't help ponder what kind of movie that might have been had Ledger not died.

Then there're Star Trek: Generations and Insurrection to which I was looking forward quite a bit - and which both failed to deliver. And let's not forget Star Wars: Attack of the Clones which certainly contained some of the stupidest dialogue I've ever heard in a movie. Not to mention that (previously) independent and moral compass Padme loses all her principles when confronted with Anakin having killed an entire village out of revenge. She just dismisses his actions ("You were angry"... WTF?) instead of seeing the bigger problem. But in a way everyone was just plain blind, stupid and arrogant in that movie. I know that many think Attack of the Clones was a step up after Phantom Menace. But I actually liked that part, especially because of Qui-Gon whose charisma let me forget Jar-Jar or the annoying Anakin... or that 10 year old Anakin who looked like 6 fell in love with 14 year old Padme who looked like 18...

And last but not least, I was quite disappointed by the movie version of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Not that the whole movie series lived up to the hype, but everything that made the book so special, the whole background about the Marauders and their tragic fate was dropped in the movie. All that was left were the Dementor sequences and the overly long Werewolf sequence at the end which was not the focus of the book at all. On the other hand they did manage to squeeze in a few nice scenes with Harry and Remus resp. Sirius but that was little solace for having to witness such a butchering of this fabulous book.

Quite interesting, that the movie disappointments that I now remember most all are part of a series... not stand-alone movies.
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The best movie you saw during the last year

Well, that was without a doubt The Imitation Game. I loved the non-flashy way, it was a movie that focussed more on dialogue and people than on effects and action which is rare nowadays. Cumberbatch was great, he brought Turing to life - even if he has to pay attention to not being type-casted... Knightley was brilliant as well. The movie, especially Cumberbatch would have deserved an Oscar, but as I said in my previous review, maybe the script lacked that final bit of courage to actually demonstrate the plight of homosexuals in the UK, rather than turn it into an innocent youthful crush and only hint at Turing's love life via dialogue and concentrate on cracking the code. I'm not proposing any hot and steamy love scenes, far from it because there's too much already of that in movies/TV-shows. But focusing more on Turing's secret life, the constant fear of homosexuals back then, the injustice of only being pardoned a couple of years ago might have made more of an impact.
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The last movie you saw in a theater

That was Interstellar back in February. I was curious about the hype that movie was getting, and I liked the ending - but it certainly took its time getting there. Nolan's movies, except for the Batman-trilogy which I loved (or at least in the case of the Dark Knight Rises liked), have an interesting effect on me: I'm not that thrilled by them when I watch them or immediately after, but they stick with me. That's been the case with Inception and here Interstellar (though I by far preferred Inception out of the two).

As I said before, I've become a bit lazy about going to the movies, rather waiting to see them on DVD or stream. But in the next couple of months there are quite a few that I'll watch on the big screen again, starting with Mockingjay II, Star Wars etc.
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The first movie you saw in a theater

I remember some Disney animated movie when I was quite young. Then I saw Rain Man which I thought quite good, and Dirty Dancing which I liked back then because of Swayze (loved him in North and South *g*) and the music. But the first movie that really made an impression, that led to me going to the movies at least once a week for quite a few years, was The Dead Poets' Society.

The whole setting in a school (I was 13 back then), outsiders trying to fit in, the fight for independence from (overbearing) parents, it all hit very close to home. In my opinion this is Robin Williams' masterpiece - and it didn't hurt that I had a massive crush on Ethan Hawke back then, even though I can't stand him now. Maybe that's because I'm still embarrassed because of that crush. *lol* And of course, I loved Robert Sean Leonard.

Carpe Diem - and just trying to change your point of view sometimes stuck with me. Williams' death revealed how much of an impact that message had when reporters and people around the world climbed on their desks to pay tribute to him last year. It brought tears to my eyes, just as the movie did 25 years ago.

Josh Charles' character's love story is the minor point of criticism that I have because it drags on quite a bit - which is why the Dead Poets' Society isn't quite up there with my favourite movies. But it's still interesting to see those youthful actors making their way in the movie- and TV-business with Charles in Sports Night and, more recently, in The Good Wife (still hate that they killed him off there).
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A movie that you used to love but now hate

Honestly, I can't think of any movie that fits into that category... *sighs

Which is why I'm going to post Day 14 today as well (and because I missed out on posting yesterday *g*).

Your favorite movie quote

Puh, just one? I'm going to cheat... again... as usual.*g*

Carpe diem! (The Dead Poets' Society)

Luke, I AM your father! (The Empire Strikes Back)

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. (The Fellowship of the Ring)

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. (Moulin Rouge)

And my absolute favourites:

Mine, mine, mine... (Finding Nemo)

I have been and always shall be your friend. (Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan)
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