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Day #26 - Favorite Kate episode or moment

Hm, I don't have a favourite Kate-episode or moment - I liked her interaction with Tony when it didn't get too personal. But, other than that... I liked her as a character, because I think she was a better fit in the team but that's it. Might a bit surprising as I listed her among my favourite characters. Actually, I have very few characters I think the show couldn't do without (i.e. Gibbs and Tony), then I have characters I really like to see (Ducky, Fornell, both Seniors), and then there are characters that I'm indifferent to - and that's where Kate comes in.

Day #27 - Favorite Jenny episode or moment

I really think it's a shame what they did with Jenny. I thought at first she was a good character. But in the end she only leaves me feeling angry at her personal vendetta and the corpses she stacked up left and right, including Tony. Still, she had her moments. I liked Chimera when she fought for the team, and even Internal Affairs, where she arguably almost left Tony out to dry but then had the decency to discredit Jeanne as a witness. Ambiguous, of course, when it's all but an open secret that Jenny herself killed La Grenouille...

Day #28 - Favorite Palmer episode or moment

I don't quite share the fondness for Palmer others have, but I like his scenes with Gibbs best - where he blurts out facts or interrupts Ducky and gets the famous Gibbs-hard stare.

Day #29 - Favorite Vance episode or moment

I like it best when he's working with the team and doing his job to have the team's back. I definitely don't like the toothpick, and I didn't like his superior attitude at the beginning.

Day #30 - If you could be granted three NCIS wishes what would they be?

1. more character-interaction, more quiet little personal talks
2. more Jackson and DiNozzo sr.
3. Ziva should either vanish/die/return to Mossad - or finally accept that at NCIS Tony's her superior and treat him like that. The latter applies to McGee as well.

Wow, I made it to the end of this meme. *g*
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Day #23 - Favorite Ziva episode or moment

Actually, I have none... I think my favourite moment would be the moment she was out of the picture for good. But that's not happened so far...

Day #24 - Favorite McGee episode or moment

The same applies to McGee - but he at least has some likeable moments. My favourite episode with him is "Twisted Sister". I liked that he was going all over-protective of his sister, that for once he didn't feel like he was owning all of NCIS. And I liked his sister - wouldn't mind seeing more of her.

Day #25 - Favorite DiNozzo episode or moment

Too many to count, really. The moment that stands out, though, is in "Twilight" when he's teasing Kate and a second later gets all serious when he discovers the bomb beneath the car and orders Kate and McGee to leave. I think that 2 minute sequence summarizes his personality quite well - he's a prankster, but he's also very protective of his friends and team. Requiem also shows that qualities, and, of course, his relationship with his father is worth mentioning as well. And I also like the little quiet moments with Gibbs, such as in "Flesh and Blood" or a few others in season 9.
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Day #20 - Favorite Gibbs episode or moment

I don't think I can really reduce it to one episode or moment. I like those best where he just listens and/or gets all protective. Best case in point is perhaps the final scene of Flesh and Blood, or quite a few of his interactions with Tony in season 9.

Day #21 - Favorite Ducky episode or moment

Ducky's a steady presence in the show - so I guess, Broken Bird is the episode I remember most (other than Meat Puzzle - but that's more because of his mother and those hideous dogs *g*) because he, for once, got to be more than just the benevolent ME but someone with a tragic past and dubious decisions.

Day #22 - Favorite Abby episode or moment

I think my favourite Abby-moment is the end of Frame-Up where she asks Jenny if she could work alone again. The wariness and exasperation came through beautifully - and she really is a person who's hard to work with, I guess, so, not teaming her up with anyone (even someone who isn't out for Tony's blood) is perhaps a wise decision...
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Day #17 - Five characters you hope you'll never see again

Ziva - don't like her and wouldn't miss her

Jenny Sheppard - Well, I guess with her it's clear I'll never have to see her again... Good riddance.

Allison Hart - never quite understood what Gibbs saw in her.

Mike Franks - granted, he was loyal, as long as it fit into his plans. But I'm happy he's gone.

EJ Barrett - I'm not exactly not liking her, I feel ambivalent about her. Her relationship with Tony didn't bother me, but the way she acted as though she owned the Navy Yard, as though she was god's gift to NCIS while, in reality, she got her job through her connections, that annoyed the hell out of me.

Day #18 - Top five ships (romantic or friendship)

Tony/Gibbs (mentorship/friendship, not necessarily romance) - Honestly, I don't like those headslaps, they're demeaning IMO, but every once in a while there are scenes where these 2 characters just get each other. And I'd love for the writers to explore that a bit more, as they've started to do in season 9.

Tony/Jeanne - shoot me, I liked that relationship. Would have hoped for a better ending, but otherwise we finally got to see some depth to Tony's character.

Tony/Paula Cassidy - would have loved to see that relationship evolve to a partnership (professionally speaking) if Paula had joined the team.

Gibbs/Ducky - theirs is a solid friendship

Ducky/Palmer (mentorship) - Honestly, I'm not sure what exactly Palmer's job is. I mean he joined NCIS in season 2, that means he's been Ducky's assistant for 8 years... And he's still in med school? We never learned that he graduated, after all. I like their relationship, though, and I like Palmer's relationships with Gibbs and Tony, as well. And I find it strange that he isn't listed as a regular of the show.

Honorable mentions go to Gibbs/Jackson Gibbs - Heartland was just a characterization-fest. They, too, have grown apart, through inconsiderate acts, but it's clear that their relationship is rock-solid, even if there have been bumps on the way - that's the difference to Tony and his father.

Day #19 - Favorite song/piece of music

I'll cheat and just get that day out my way - honestly, I can't remember a single song of piece of music (except for the title which I don't find that amazing). So that's my input to this topic.
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Day #15 - Five favourite characters

Tony DiNozzo - I like the many facets to his character. He can be serious at one moment, and the next he's the absolute goof-ball. Twilight and Requiem showed that he's not above sacrificing himself for his teammates, so I don't quite agree with Ducky's opinion that he's a narcissist. At least not in my perception of the term. Unfortunately, in some episodes he either gets ridiculed or just serves as the comedic relief, so it's hard to really get into his character when you're only watching the show casually.

Gibbs - he's the absolute alpha-male, and what annoys me sometimes is that we only get to see him chastise Tony, but not the others (such as in season 6 when all McGee and Ziva were doing was disparaging Tony, especially in Bounce). And, of course, although absolutely understanding of his motivation, I can't condone his killing the murderer of his family. Otherwise, I like his interactions with Ducky, Fornell, and Abby, and Tony, of course. He's a teamleader, he's competent in his job, and that makes him trustworthy and likeable.

Fornell - his interactions with Gibbs, his trying to protect Tony Di"Nutso" in Frame-Up... well, what is there not to like about him?

Ducky - he's a bit the confused old doctor full of stories no one wants to hear.

And the 5th spot... hm... gets a bit mixed up, I guess, with Day #16's topic since I don't really have another favourite character. I think I'll put Jeanne and Kate up there. Kate was a good character, much better than Ziva. But sometimes she crossed the line in her banter with the others, especially Tony. And Jeanne, well, I wrote enough about my liking her relationship with Tony. I'd have loved to see her come back after Internal Affairs, just to wrap up that storyline properly.

Honorable mentions go, of course, to Jackson Gibbs - but he's been in just 3 episodes, so far, so, that's a bit difficult to compare him to the more regular characters that appeared throughout at least 1 season.

Day #16 - Five characters you wish you had seen/wish you would see more of

* Fornell
* Jeanne - post Internal Affairs
* Paula Cassidy - would have loved to see more of her, but I guess she was too much like Kate (except for the actual sexual relationship with Tony) that it was decided not to make her join the team after Kate's death. Nevertheless, I liked her.
* DiNozzo Sr. - he's not one of my favourite characters but he mixes well with Tony and Gibbs
* Jackson Gibbs

Honorable mentions go to Agent Borin. I started to really like this character in season 9, and I wouldn't mind seeing more of her.
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Day #13 - Best supporting character

Fornell, not doubt about that. I like his banter with Gibbs, the shared wife, most of his episodes...

Day #14 - A character you like more now than when you first met him/her

I guess I have to say Tony - strange I know since now he's my favourite character. But when I first happened upon NCIS, I was annoyed by the goofy and juvenile behaviour. Then I started watching the show for real, and from season 1 forward, and he grew on me. *g*
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Day #11 - Your five 'desert island' episodes

Actually, that's not a simple question as the choice changes with the mood I'm in. *g*

* Twilight
* Heartland
* Bait
* Requiem
* Baltimore

I know... you know I can count? But I can't narrow it down any more than to these 6 episodes. *g*

Day #12 - Favorite Director

I think I'll go with Morrow because he acted as I'd expect a director of an agency to act. He didn't interfere with the daily proceedings and didn't have a bone to pick with team Gibbs.

Jenny, on the other hand, meddled far too much with Gibbs' team to be realistic. I mean, there have to be dozens of other teams, and if she spent just half as much time with each of them as she did with Gibbs' team, then the day would have needed far more hours. Secondly, she mixed up personal and professional agendas, not to mention she had some kind of need to show herself worthy of her position. She asked Gibbs if he could put aside their past relationship - but she herself couldn't. Then came the whole Grenouille-disaster where she didn't pull out Tony when she realized he was getting in too deep. And lastly, of course, the setup for her death. I find it kind of cruel to leave Tony and Ziva with protection duty, to escape them and get herself knowingly into a situation that would leave her open to be killed. So, no, she was definitely not what I'd expect from an agency director.

And Vance... he also can't quite differentiate between personal and professional. He should have talked to Gibbs about the mole within NCIS before breaking the team up. He doesn't have to prove himself constantly as the director - either he deserves respect or he doesn't, but alienating people won't grant him that respect. And honestly, I don't like that toothpick.

So, in the end it's an easy choice.
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Day #09 - Favorite Season 7 episode

Season 7 was kind of a hit and miss-thing with me. There are a couple of very good episodes, but I didn't care for the whole "Ziva becomes American" & TIVA-thing or for the Mexico-arc.

So, I guess my favourite epiosde of this season is "Truth or Consequences" which, incidentally, already was my favourite season opener. So I won't repeat the reasons for my choice here.

Honorable mentions go to "Flesh and Blood" - almost made it to the top of my list for the character-interaction alone. Gibbs & Senior (Gibbs bearing his tragic past just to get Senior to talk with Tony...), Tony & Senior ("I love you, Anthony", just how long did Tony have to wait to hear that?), and Gibbs & Tony's steak "cowboy-style" is just one of the best scenes of the whole series. Somehow, they just get each other, they're in sync... well, I guess, otherwise Tony would have already left town years ago. Why didn't it get top spot? The plot wasn't too good in my opinion, and usually I don't like people getting by on their connections and/or exploiting other people's weaknesses. So, I'm not sure I actually like Senior even though I find the portrayal of his relationship with Tony pretty realistic...

Day #10 - Favorite Season 8 episode

Season 8 didn't leave much of an impression, either. I wasn't opposed to Tony's relationship with EJ per se, but it didn't do anything for me, either (unlike earlier with Jeanne). And I'm not sure what to think about Gibbs trying to dictate who to fall in love with. Granted, relationships at work are usually a bad idea (at least to me), but to outright forbid it? Or practically tell Tony to choose between Gibbs' team and EJ? That's a bit too much even though I understand his reasons. But for Tony who depends on having Gibbs' confidence it's practically an impossible choice if he loved her. But then, the problem solved itself, anyway... And since I never was a fan of Mike Franks', I'm not really moved by his death - I'm happy that it wasn't Fornell TPTB chose to get rid of...

So, on the the favourite episode, a choice that couldn't be easier: "Baltimore", of course. I absolutely adore this episode, it's right up there with SWAK and Twilight in quality, humour ("Who'd want to be a Navy cop? I'd rather have the plague." - What about doing both, Tony?), the case, everything. Now we have the canon version of "How Tony and Gibbs met" and it completely delivered. Having Gibbs undercover and caught by Tony, the first headsmack ("Did you just physically assault me?"), the smile that got Tony his job at NCIS, the old hairstyle of early season 1, Tony wearing bomber jacket and tubesocks instead of Armani suits and Gucci shoes.

Honestly, there isn't really any other episode I'd even consider in season 8. Granted, there was the reunion of Tony and Senior (we'll know what to make of their pledge to be more honest and really talk with each other in future episodes - but I really loved the way Senior knew of Tony's saving him from embarrassment last time), and Ziva and her Mossad past rearing up its head again, but otherwise I definitely didn't care much for the P2P killer or his connections to the SecNav. I'm just curious what Tony's future role will be. But I'm certain of one thing: I don't like the new SecNav. He's making Tony withhold a mission from Gibbs, and we already know where that leads to. So, that's a big no-go.
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Day #07 - Favorite Season 5 episode

There were quite a few very good episodes in season 5 - "Bury your Dead" comes to mind (loved the standoff between Tony and Jenny), "Ex-File" (heartbreaking ending) or "Internal Affairs" (although I would have loved to see that end differently and I thought Ziva was cruel to demand of Tony that he lied to Jeanne in order to help her recover - and what about him and his feelings?) .

But my favourite episode has to be "Requiem". I liked Gibbs going all lone-wolf with his daughter's best friend being in trouble. Of course, I'd have enjoyed it even more had he put his trust in his team... and I certainly wouldn't have minded if there had been any acknowlegdment of Tony's actions at the end. I mean, the man had the plague, still has damaged lungs and manages to recover 2 people out of cold and polluted water and resuscitate them successfully? If that doesn't scream of heroism and dedication I don't know what would.

Day #08 - Favorite Season 6 episode

Season 6 offered plenty of variety in the quality of its episodes. I didn't like the TIVA-subplot that was prevalent for most of the second half... well, I could see Tony looking out for Ziva and trying to keep her from making a huge mistake, but I don't see him *in love* with her. They are too different, and while there might have been the potential for more I think that opportunity had been gone long before season 6. Having said that, overall, I liked "Aliyah", maybe for Tony's standing up to Eli David, maybe for Gibbs' choosing Tony, maybe for the off-chance of finally being rid of Ziva, but Ziva's inferring more basic instincts into Tony's killing Rivkin was just mean, even for her. And I definitely didn't like the way McGee started to look down on Tony - WTH, Tony's his superior, he has earned his respect during the past 5 years.

Initially, I had "Broken Bird" as my favourite episode, but I'm going to change that to "Heartland" which I rewatched and fell in love with all over again yesterday. I absolutely adore Jackson Gibbs and his relationship with Gibbs, the mentions about Shannon and the backwater town-feeling of Stillwater. And talk about the team trying to find out about Gibbs's childhood - and what about Tony getting that sweater? I really hope to see Jack again.

Other episodes worth mentioning are "Bounce" (loved Gibbs' support of Tony in this - but not Ziva and McGee who, after all, were part of Tony's team back then as well, so they're as much in the wrong as he is and definitely don't get to gloat), "Broken Bird" (it was my first choice for favourite episode after all - I liked getting some background on Ducky, the fact that he wasn't always the kindly ME with lots of lengthy stories, but that some of his life experience was gained by sacrifice and impossible choices... As a not yet very experienced doctor I certainly can empathize with having to choose between 2 evils.), "Agent Afloat" (Tony's self-doubts after Jenny's death, his getting back to DC, Gibbs and Vance's discussions...), and "Last Man Standing" (if only for the video-conference with Tony).
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Day #05 - Favorite Season 3 episode

While I don't like season 3 as much as I did season 2, mainly because of the addition of Ziva's character which messed up the previously established relationships a bit (and I simply can't stand her meanness, case in point is "Boxed In" - there's a mean bite to her teasing that wasn't there with Kate), there are quite a few episodes which I actually enjoyed very much.

Most of all there's "Bait" - the first real glimpse of teamleader!Tony, an interesting case... well, it's just a well-rounded, very enjoyable episode where everyone can shine.

Runner-Ups are "Mind Games" (I have a thing for serial killer-settings and I liked Paula Cassidy - still find it a shame that it wasn't she that was added to the team...), "Frame-Up" (liked the ending, and of course Tony's freakout in prison... and it had Fornell in it), "Under Covers" (I despise any notion of TIVA, but there were quite a few hilarious scenes in this episode - and of course, again, I liked the ending) and "Probie", one of the few really good McGee-episodes.

Day #06 - Favorite Season 4 episode

I never quite understood the hatred fandom seems to have for Jeanne. I liked her, and I especially liked her relationship with Tony - or rather, the Tony we saw when he was with her. So, I definitely thought that season 4 was a step up from season 3, even if there were quite a few rough spots along the way such as Gibbs' return from his hiatus, the way the team treated teamleader!Tony (I loved the way he was finally portrayed as competent boss, and I liked the way Jenny acknowledged that by offering him his own team), the way Jenny handled Tony's problems with his mission, the way said mission turned out to be nothing more than a personal vendetta for Jenny... Again, despite all this I really enjoyed season 4.

My favourite is without a doubt "Grace Period". As said above, I liked Cassidy and I absolutely adored her conversation with Tony at the crime scene. And despite of his mission his feelings for Jeanne rang true for me - and that's why it took so long for him to tell her. But the whole episode was just a team-effort, especially given that it was Gibbs' team that could have ended up dead...

Runner-Ups are "Twisted Sister" (the second McGee episode that I actually enjoyed and I wouldn't mind seeing his sister again), the Sharif-arc with "Sandblast" (how adorable was that "my son Tony"?!? Do I need to say more?) and "Sharif Returns" (I liked Mann, well, especially all the awkward moments when the team had to deal with her knowing that she was in a relationship with their boss... again, hilarious moments there), "Driven" (if only for that sexual harrassment seminar, definitely one of the funniest scenes ever in NCIS), and "Smoked" (brilliant twist at the end, Fornell, "What would you do if you woke up and discovered that you were married to a monster?" "Happened to my father all the time. We usually just moved.")... There were a lot of nice moments in that season - too many for me to name.
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Day #03 - Favorite Season 1 episode

I guess I'll have to go with "BĂȘte Noire" - while I'm not too fond of the way the Ari-arc played out, I really enjoyed his introductory episode. Well, I generally like bottle episodes that are more concentrated on the characters, and this one is a good example.

Honorary mentions go to "Dead Man Talking" - nice twist at the end - and "Missing" (might even have enjoyed it more had it not been for the ending which I thought was cruel).

Day #04 - Favorite Season 2 episode

Well, that one is easy - "SWAK", of course. Gibbs in that isolation suit, Tony trying to show a brave face to the world, Brad Pitt... didn't like Kate so much - well, I liked that she stayed with Tony, but I didn't like the way she tried to make him feel guilty. This is perhaps my favourite episode of all, a real team story.

Honorary mentions go to "Twilight" which actually comes very close to "SWAK" (well, it introduces the farting hippo; Tony chasing away McGee and Kate from the car bomb is in a class of its own) and "Chained" (I'd have wished for more repercussions perhaps in the following episode since I really thought Tony became friends with White and wouldn't be able to easily deal with having to kill him.).
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Well, I found this on [ profile] sinfulslasher's journal who in turn snagged it from [ profile] nakeisha. Perhaps in the future I'll do something like this for my other TV-obsessions as well... *g*

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Day #01 - How did you discover NCIS?

Through the many reruns over here. There virtually isn't a day NCIS isn't aired around here. And one day I just stopped zapping and started watching.

Day #02 - Favorite Season premier

I'll cheat and do day 2 now as well, since I won't have time for it tomorrow...

Well, I think it would be easier to say which was my least favourite one. I really liked "Bury your dead" (season 5) and "Nature of the Beast" (season 9) but the one I keep coming back to is "Truth or Consequences" (season 7).

First of all, the actors all performed well above (the already high) standard, it had surprising twists (such as seeing Tony in Somalia), it offered really good team moments and the revival of the friendship between Tim and Tony, albeit on a more equal level. But most of all, I really loved Tony's business as usual losing all meaning, starting with Tim's babbling about computerstuff to Gibbs' mention of the idiot who smuggled a koala onto a submarine and ending with Tony making a stand and Gibbs actually listening. I absolutely adore that scene.

Honestly, I wouldn't have minded if Ziva had been killed, it would have made for a much more poignant end to the episode than that stupid clapping (doesn't anyone else think it strange that the whole navy yard knows about the rescue mission?!?), and of course there's Gibbs beaming himself into the terrorist's building within seconds of him shooting him from hundreds of metres away... But those complaints don't take anything away from my enjoying this episode.


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