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I've finally rewatched "The lying Detective"...

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... I'll raise my previous rating to 8.5/10

Doesn't mean that I'm not still deeply upset... And yet, even if I'm no longer quite comfortable with John and Sherlock (and I mean the friendship), I still love Sherlock to bits.
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Rewatched “The Six Thatchers” yesterday, and I have to say I really like this episode. Yes, its timeline is questionable, yes, there are apparent plotholes, yes, there are duplicate scenes... but that’s the fun of it, being practically invited to speculate. And I have to say, the greatest fun wasn’t watching the episode but interacting here or in other social media.

So, in addition to what I’ve written before:

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So there're quite a few questions left for the remaining 2 episodes of this season.

But I thought that TST was for the main part a return to the Sherlock of the 2nd season, it was fast-paced, at least somewhat based on a mystery (even if that one was Mary's past which I don't particularly care for)... and in a way it mirrored TRF in structure, pressure on a character, sacrificing yourself for someone else, grief/devastation, a rift between John and Sherlock (apparently), Ella (apparently). Maybe through the mirror we'll finally learn what happened to Sherlock during the hiatus. Have we seen the last of Mary? I doubt it.

I upgrade my rating to 8/10.
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Just finished watching it. Beware of Spoilers!

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Have to watch it again, of course, but it's an auspicious beginning to this season, even if it's not perfect by far. 7/10
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Just saw it, and loved it.

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Overall: big thumbs-up. 8.5/10


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