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Just saw it, and loved it.

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Overall: big thumbs-up. 8.5/10
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I just discovered the TV-programme "House, MD"... and I'm thrilled. I mean, not that *I* particularly want a doctor who doesn't take me seriously, but it's just fun to hear all those lines he throws at people. I'm afraid I'm a sucker for sarcasm and cynicism and of course it helps that this is a medical drama. I'm already waiting with bated breath for the next episode.

Right now I'm suffering through one of my twice a year colds... Ahhhhh, I'm hating all that stuff, beginning with throat aches, ear aches, stuffed up nose, cough, so I'm really hoping I'll be through with it in another couple of days.

During the last week I've been fighting a hard battle with my computer. First some components had to be replaced, then I had software problems which led to reinstalling my system twice in 3 days. Right now everything works as it should - I hope it stays that way. But actually, while it's a pain to reinstall all that stuff, it's kind of fun as well. I like figuring out why something doesn't work, so of course I try to work around the problem first without formating the harddrive. That's only the last resort which unfortunately this time couldn't be avoided.

On another note, I recently watched the Star Wars-DVD and I'm sorry to say that I still have issues with that film. I watched some of the scenes that were cut out and I think that the film would have made more sense if at least some of them had been left in the final cut. Particularly the scene where Padme confronts the Emperor and Palpatine later on subtly pushes Anakin into distrusting her, would have fit in perfectly. I'll just list my issues with the film again:

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Of course, the film is full of strong pictures, like Anakin and the stormtroopers entering the Jedi temple and slaughtering the children (I *hate* the term "youngling"!!!), the senate session where Palpatine finally realizes his plans of an Empire and the applause to those plans etc. But George Lucas just isn't capable of writing good dialogues, and that's ultimately what the prequel trilogy is suffering from most. Special Effects aren't everything and quite frankly, I would love to see what a director who relies less on technical progress and more on actually telling the story through the characters would have turned out as prequels.
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I still can't get Revenge out of my mind... there are so many thoughts running through my head... Well, if nothing else, at least this movie apparently got me involved more than I was aware of yesterday. Bear with me if today's rant repeats some of what I wrote yesterday. My mind is really running in circles here.

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Finally, I really recommend the Bonus DVD I mentioned above to everyone who's remotely interested in the music of the SW-saga. It's a beautiful summary of all 6 movies, the most important scenes accompanied with the main themes of all 6 movies. When presented like this, the saga really becomes the masterpiece it is supposed to be.
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I just returned home from watching the new Star Wars movie... and quite frankly, I don't know what to think. Perhaps I had too high expectations, especially about *the* duel, but I'm sorry to say that I'm quite disappointed.

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Overall, Revenge leaves me with a very ambivalent impression. While it serves its purpose as a link between the old and the new trilogies, it doesn't work as well as an individual movie as I hoped. At times like this I condemn the progress in the special effects department. The old trilogy still had to rely on a plot and the characters to carry the movie, something that got lost in parts in the new trilogy. The emphasis of this film should have been on Anakin, but he barely gets the spotlight due to all the action in the first half. As annoying as Jar-Jar was in Phantom Menace, that film actually didn't drown in special effects as the other 2 did. Or maybe that's due to Liam Neeson who saved that movie single-handedly, anyway it doesn't matter. I expected a dark movie - well, I got that but there simply are too many bits and pieces that don't fit for me to be excited or even enthusiastic about it.


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