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Enterprise is sent to retrieve a team of scientists from a planet which is about to selfdestruct. They find the scientists dead from unknown causes although prior to their deaths they seemed to have acted as if they have no care in the world. Soon after the same symptoms manifest themselves onboard Enterprise. The situation is made even more complicated when the planet's growing gravitation threatens to pull the ship into its doom and engines are offline.

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Overall, I rate this episode 2/5. I really liked the confrontation between Spock and Kirk but that's about the only thing that saves this episode for me.
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Well, it took me a bit longer than expected but I finally got around to rewatch "The Man Trap", the first episode that aired in the US back in the 1960s.

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Overall, I rate "The Man Trap" 3/5. It's an entertaining episode but it doesn't quite leave me yearning for more.
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Well, it's back to Star Trek reviews. And since there aren't any new episodes I'm starting with the very first ones. :)

So, here is my review of the second pilot of TOS, the one that actually secured TOS a place on a network: "Where No Man Has Gone Before".

This is the first episode with Kirk as captain of the Enterprise... but not the first episode which really focuses on the interaction between Spock, Kirk and McCoy since the doctor isn't onboard yet.

This episode features the same kind of problem "Space Seed" offers later on with a "superhuman" being wanting to take over the ship, and having little to no regard of his fellow shipmates. What's different this time is the fact that the superhuman is Kirk's best friend which, of course, makes the decision to finally strand and eventually kill him on a remote planet even more difficult and personal.

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This episode works well as a pilot, it introduces the 2 main characters and focuses more on moral issues than on action. It also bridges the gap between the original pilot and the rest of the series with the usage of the uniforms and department colors of "The Cage". Piper is still on board, Sulu not yet the navigation officer etc. It's quite fascinating to see the tiny steps TOS is taking until the final, familiar look is finally achieved.

Overall, I rate "Where no man has gone before" a solid 4.5/5 - it's certainly a very entertaining episode which manages to introduce Kirk in a good way. But there are quite a few better episodes yet to come.


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