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Trying to keep up with [ profile] trobadora's Vorkosigan-reread on lj I finished Shards yesterday. I loved that novel (and its continuation "Barrayar" - see my earlier entry in this journal) when I first read it about 10 years ago, and I still love it today. But there are some points that, while not distracting from my enjoying it, still keep me thinking afterwards.

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These are just a few rambling thoughts - on to Barrayar. :)
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Surfing on the internet and reading a positive review on amazon just now, I was just reminded that the new Vorkosigan book called "Cryoburn" already hit the shelves... and, if everything works out right, I'll be holding it in my hands in just a little over a week!! If that isn't reason enough for happy squealing, I don't know what is. *g* I can tell you it's been quite some time I've been looking forward to my birthday present as much as this year. :)

I'm a little concerned that it's a story that takes place off Barrayar since I usually prefer the books set on Barrayar - but nonetheless, I'm simply looking foward to finally reading more about one of my favourite book heroes of all time. I just hope Miles' voice still rings true, after all, it's been quite some time since Diplomatic Immunity resp Winterfair Gifts... and it's been known to happen that authors just lost the touch for their characters. *sighs*

I think that calls for a scream of frustration here. Patience has never been my strong suit. But I'm going to make it... it's just 11 days after all. And then a whole 3 days-weekend to savour the reading experience. If it were here already... ;)

And now I've got that frustration scream out of my system I'll go back to my squealing happily.


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