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Watching TV is a hobby of mine. I like being entertained by funny, complex, suspenseful stories that don't take up much more than 45 minutes (or 90 in one case *g*). I enjoy character development/interaction and seeing characters evolve throughout a show's run. Having said that, let's get to it.

My Top 10 all time favourite TV-shows - and honorable mentions )

I guess, next up will be a list of TV-series which I'm currently watching. I also plan to make up a list of Top 10 episodes for programmes such as Star Trek, Stargate. Maybe even include a list of favourite fanfiction. Let's see. *g*
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... West Wing-posting. *g*

As I said in my last entry, I'm rewatching season 1 right now. And I have to say, I love this show even more the second time around.

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It really is those small character moments, the interaction of the characters that appeal to me so much during these early episodes.
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... my first sweep through 7 seasons of "West Wing". So I'll treat you all to some random thoughts and ramblings *g*...

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I'm sure I'll rewatch at least seasons 1 to 4 in the not so far future, so this certainly won't be my last posting. It's certainly been a privilege to watch this high-quality show. There aren't so many of those around right now after all...
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Well, I certainly picked up speed in my TWW-marathon - but honestly, that's due to the again rising quality of the programme and the fact that there are times where you simply can't stop watching...

So, we're now in the middle of the next presidential race, and, boy, are these contenders I'd like to see in real life. (Even if one of them was created with the image of a, then, promising senator in mind...)

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And so, on to season 7.
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I slowed down on my TWW-watching a bit to be able to savour it more. *g* So, now I arrived at the beginning of season 6... and I have to say the series changed in the course of late season 4 and season 5. While it remains a high-quality programme, something got lost a bit - is it the chemistry between the characters? Is it the heart/soul of the series?

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I'm looking forward to the rest of season 6 now. I hope some of what's been lost is going to be regained - but I especially look forward to the introduction of Santos and his presidential race now. (And of course, to the repercussions of promoting CJ over Josh and Toby - they won't take that quietly, I think. And rightly so. ) :)
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... of course, the next TWW-posting.

I have to say I love the writing of that show - funny, serious, downplayed... great stuff. And I'm a real sucker for one-liners, and there's plenty of them here. I'm just going to start with a few, and I don't think that's going to be the last "quotes"-post around here. *g*

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There are lots and lots of more quotes, especially Toby and Leo have some real fun lines. But I'm going to leave that for another day.
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Yesterday I continued with my TWW-marathon and watched the episodes from "Bartlet for America" to "100 000 Airplanes" - and I'm really amazed at the quality of especially those 2 episodes.

Leo's testimony before the House committee, his determination to save Bartlet from public dishonor (while risking to lose his own reputation), the Republicans' counsel's putting a stop to the proceedings - well, I like to see integrity. And I also liked the way Bartlet took the blame since he was the one pulling all the threads in this mess.

But I especially appreciated "100 000 Airplanes". I'm somewhat of an idealist myself, so I can really empathize with Sam's losing some of his ideals. He's getting disillusioned but shown in a very subtle way. I know this already sets up his leaving the show, so perhaps I'd have appreciated it even more when one of the others had reacted to the dimming of enthusiasm in his eyes before it was too late - but nonetheless, surely one of the best episodes so far.

And I keep coming back to "In the Shadow of two gunmen" - I absolutely adore this two-parter since it portrays the chaos surrounding such an assassination attempt. I mean: what the hell, the president is required to sign a letter giving over power to the VP? What if he weren't able to because he's unconscious? In this case it was a mere 3 hours Bartlet was out of commission but such a power vacuum isn't really what one would expect of the US. I've no insight into the American constitution but that surely appears to be a loop hole that needs addressing. And I absolutely love the way Bartlet handles Josh right at the end, his stroking Josh's hair - wow, what a paternal and extraordinary (because not uncharacteristic) display of affection.

Okay, I'm going to stop now - if I continue I might be late for work... And I'd so rather talk more about TWW right now... *sighs*
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As I really want to spread out the episodes as long as possible, I need something else to occupy my WW-addiction in the meantime.

So, does anyone know any good, long WW-fanfiction, preferably including Sam?
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I seem to stumble from TV-addiction to TV-addiction lately. The most recent one is "West Wing" which never aired around here, so I'm a bit late in the game. *g*

I think it's an intelligent, engaging and thought-provoking programme which in no way is too American to be shown here or in Germany (which would have been my explanation before watching it) - on the other hand, they aired Commander in Chief a few years back which only ran one season or so... Sometimes I really don't understand the selection of TV-series which get imported here. But luckily there is something like DVD-boxes to catch up with.

Right now, I'm at the beginning of season 3 - and there have been quite a few remarkable episodes so far, especially In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, the one about the death penalty in season 1, Two Cathedrals, 17 people etc. I've been a fan of Rob Lowe's (well, okay, let's call it the way it is: I had a juvenile crush on him *g*) since "The Stand", so it's great to see him here as well (if not for long anymore *sniffle*). I absolutely adore Martin Sheen's president and his comments sometimes have me rolling on the floor laughing. And honestly, I'd have loved to watch this programme when it was aired during Bush's presidency, contrasting those sometimes less than well thought through comments of his.

Okay, I think I'll get back to my marathon now. :)


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