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Well, one season ending, the other resuming - and both offered good TV.

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All in all, a satisfying evening of TV...
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The first half of season 3 of my latest obsession, White Collar, leaves me in equal parts exasperated and overjoyed.

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That's all I really can write right now. There're still so many things running around my mind that I can't put into words yet. So, I guess this won't be my last WC-entry - definitely not, as season 3's going to restart in just under 2 weeks. Why's there no time-machine?!?

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I just finished up season 2 of White Collar, and right now I'm not quite sure what to think...

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So, where does that leave us for season 3?

* IMO Peter has some serious groveling to do.
* And what will Neal do now - will he fall off the wagon again? And who was the "benefactor" (an easy question, I guess)?
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By the time of the last entry I was up to about the 4th or 5th episode of season 2 - now that I've watched "Point Blank" (2x09) my appreciation's grown even more.

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Yes, I'm talking about "White Collar", a show that I'd heard of before, mainly reading my friendspage here and [ profile] sahiya's entries, but that I haven't actually watched before. And I have to admit, the first few episodes had me vaguely interested but nothing more. Well, but the show grew on me - especially since I'm such a sucker for a small(ish) cast, very defined protagonists and the character-interaction between them. And I'm just at the beginning of season 2, so still plenty of episodes left to enjoy.

Well, of course, Neal's my favourite. Despite his crimes he exudes honor, and a sense of innocence and naivety that appeal to me, as does, obviously, his quick mind and his way to endear himself to (almost) everyone around him and to talk himself out of (almost) anything. And honestly, this guy has a superb fashion sense... Okay, I diverge...

Then, there's Peter and El, a steady, working relationship - finally, after having seen so many shows where the protagonists have difficulties or are unable to have relationships outside their work. And El's really the epitome of patience and also of strength. Of course, I scream every time Peter doubts Neal, but I like the way the two collaborate and connect on a personal level. At first, I thought it strange that they share such a deep friendly connection right from the beginning - but I guess you'd imprint on anybody you spend so much time evading/catching. And that theirs is a very inequal partnership just adds to its complexity.

I even like Mozzie - he's loyal to Neal (at least so far), but I can't quite see what agenda he's hidden yet. But I like his quirks. *g*

I'm really looking forward to the rest of the episodes. What's up with Fowler? And who pulls his strings? And did Kate really love Neal as he believes - or did she just use him, as Peter suspects? I think I've got to get back to my TV...

And BTW, I've already read some fantastic fanfics in this fandom - wow, I must have been really lucky in my sampling so far, but there were a few real gems in there. But about that later.


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